So who is Justin? We were founded in 1981 by Justin Arecchi who had a passion for Italian ices, gelato, ice cream and creative flavors. Once his desserts were introduced to San Antonians, they became widely known and popular among the local community. Even President Clinton recognized his Mango ice cream as a "national treasure" in 1992!

Almost 40 years later since our beginning, we continue to make the ice cream fresh daily with original favorites and new flavors. Justin's legacy lives on through his ice cream shop, although now owned by a local corporation, Mule Restaurant Group, whose parent company is Rita's on the River. Visitors still travel to the shop seeking our nationally famous ice cream and are pleasantly surprised to find delicious assortments of desserts and beverages.

“We exist to create memorable experiences for our guests,
a better life for our team members and a sense of hope for our community.”



Justin's Ice Cream is a sister company to 5 other businesses. Rita's on the River, the parent company, resides on the River Walk Level and hosts millions of visitors every year for lunch, dinner and special events. Our souvenir shop, Bonitarita's, is also on River Level connected with Justin's. Pizzarita's and Mercadorita's are located at the same address on Street Level; enjoy a fresh slice of pizza or hot wings and shop 'til you drop at the Mexican boutique. Above all lies a 3 events venue called Rio Plaza which hosts over 200 events every year. We strive to provide excellent service and unforgettable experiences for our guests. We stay involved within the community by volunteering with local organizations, donating to pet rescues, reaching out with a Rita's Hug every month to our first responders and in any way possible. Another part of our mission is to help build a better life for our team members, so they may be successful and fulfill their personal and professional achievements. Click the logos below to learn more.

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